CNC turning produces parts by mounting a blank on a rotating chuck and removing material using stationary cutting tools. This technology is ideal for manufacturing parts with symmetry along their center axis. Turned parts are typically produced faster (and at a lower cost) than milled parts.


IPM provides custom made parts through an extensive network of carefully vetted and certified CNC lathes and turning centers provided by our manufacturing partners. Whatever the part you need, we can guarantee we have the experience and equipment to make it.


At IPM, we provide turn and mill capabilities to accommodate parts needing intricate features like slots, holes, and grooves. Collaborating with a diverse network of partner factories, we leverage their extensive CNC milling and CNC turning capabilities. With cutting-edge, multi-axis machinery, we guarantee top-quality CNC turned parts and components tailored to meet your specific needs.

Advanced Technology

At IPM, our CNC turning service utilizes state-of-the-art machinery equipped with multi-axis capabilities, allowing us to produce complex turned parts with precision and efficiency.

ExtensIve CapabIlItIes

With a wide range of partner factories and a diverse portfolio of CNC turning equipment, we have the capability to handle projects of various sizes and complexities, ensuring that we can meet the unique needs of our customers.

QualIty Assurance

IPM prioritizes quality in every aspect of our CNC turning service. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians perform rigorous inspections and quality checks throughout the production process to ensure that every component meets our high standards of excellence.