Welcome to IPM, your trusted partner for precision engineering solutions. Our CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) measurement services are unmatched in the industry, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment such as the Coord 3 Universal with impressive dimensions of 2000x1500x1000. With this advanced technology, we ensure meticulous inspection and verification of your components, guaranteeing the highest standards of accuracy and quality. Trust IPM for reliable CMM measurement services that exceed your expectations and elevate your manufacturing processes to new heights.

Your Trusted CMM Partner

At IPM, we specialize in offering CMM measurement services tailored to your needs, whether you require measurement for individual parts or large batches. If you’re facing resource constraints and seek reliable measurement outsourcing, our CMM measurement service is the ideal solution for you. Trust IPM to provide accurate and efficient measurement services that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

MeasurIng Excellence

Let IPM s subcontract CMM measurement service help you reach your measurement objectives efficiently. Our professional service not only saves your resources but also offers cost-effective solutions for your business needs. Backed by a team of highly skilled metrology engineers with diverse engineering backgrounds, we ensure precise measurements across various sectors.

Large Measurement Volume

With a spacious measuring envelope of 2000x1500x1000 mm (X,Y,Z), the Coord 3 Universal can accommodate a wide variety of parts and components for comprehensive measurement.

HIgh Accuracy

Equipped with advanced measurement technology and precision components, this CMM machine delivers exceptional accuracy, ensuring reliable measurement results even for the most intricate geometries.

MultI-Sensor CapabIlIty

The Coord 3 Universal is compatible with various measurement sensors, including touch probes and scanning probes, allowing for flexible measurement approaches to suit different application needs.