Manufacturer of sock kNITTING CYLINDERS

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High Precision Production

IPM produces the best quality Sock Knitting Cylinders with the years of experience and modern technology. Our thoroughgoing passion for high rigidity and high precision results in products of excellent durability that retain their precision even after long-term use.

Long Life Concept

Since all components are manufactured in-house, our customers avoid the risk of being able to perform product repairs due to being discontinued off-the-shelf parts. You can continue to rely on our high-precision products under secure enviroment over the long term. IPM İpekçioplu Sock Knitting Cylinders.

IPM & Lonati

Lonati is the most common sock knitting machine used in the market in last two decade. For more than 30 years. Ipm İpekçioğlu has been manufacturing Lonati Cylinders with the high precision with İpekçioğlu Makine name. IPM manufactures all Lonati models in any diameter and needle count.İpekçioğlu produces Lonati Sock Knitting Cylinders such as Lonati double cylinder and Lonati Single Cylinder.

User's with Lonati SbyS Linking systems becomes faster and productive with IPM quality.
"IPM Company's innovative heat treatment method strengthens high needle sock knitting cylinders, enhancing durability and flexibility to prevent needle channel breakage with unparalleled efficacy."
IPM İpekçioğlu produces any kind of cylinders according to customer needs. We have capability to make reverse engineering for the cylinders without technicial data base.


Half century experience in raw material selection and heat-treatment process helps IPM Cylinders go on knitting your socks under tough conditions. IPM use’s high technology at the stage of quality control as well.